Adele Missed The Chance To Work With None Other Than The Rap God Himself, Eminem

The standard edition of the album includes a sole feature, a posthumous appearance from jazz pianist Erroll Garner. The lack of guest appearances is a reminder that the songstress seldom collaborates with others. However, in 2017, Adele had the opportunity to work with none other than the “Rap God” himself, Eminem.

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In an interview with ThisIs50, Eminem collaborator Mr. Porter revealed that Adele was the rapper’s first choice to appear on his hit single, “Walk on Water.”

“The first person [I had in mind] when I heard it was Adele. I was like, ‘Yo, this’d be cool.’ But I think something happened with her, with her voice and she couldn’t do it.”

Mr. Porter, a longtime friend a collaborator of Eminem, revealed that Adele was originally their first choice to appear on 2017’s “Walk on Water.”

Ultimately, Beyoncé ended up singing the chorus for the track, which served as the lead single of off Eminem’s 2017 studio album, Revival. As the story goes, Rick Rubin, the song’s co-producer, played “Walk on Water” for Jay-Z, who then talked his wife into guesting on it.

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