Tips: How To Update Your Windows 10 To The Latest Version


    Microsoft keeps on updating its operating system almost every 2 weeks for better performance and for more convenient use by its users. Windows 10 has been one of the best windows since it released, it has features such as a hotspot for computers that do have the hardware for it and so much more.

    So many users find it difficult to update to every version of Windows 10 released by Microsoft. But here are the simple steps that will make it easy for you to update your computer within a few minutes.

    Steps To Follow In Updating Windows 10

    1.  Make Sure your laptop or desktop is connected to the power supply or the battery is Fully Charged
    2.  Turn on the computer and allow it to boot completely
    3. Go to your settings and click on Update and Security
    4. Allow it to load and ensure that you are connected to the Internet Service
    5. After it has loaded, the list of all the available updates will appear and you click on download for each of them
    6. After they have downloaded, some of them will install automatically while some will ask for your system to restart before updating
    7. Click on update and restart, your system will automatically restart and start updating itself.
    8.  The whole process will take about 30 minutes which your system will restart several times during the process
    9.  when it’s completed, all your files will be intact and you can continue enjoying the new features

    Alternatively, You can also download the Windows Update assistant From the Microsoft website, this will help you download all the available versions and features of windows 10 within few minutes. The Windows Update Assistant is very reliable it can update subsequently without you downloading a new one. After it has downloaded your new version it will update the system by restart it several times also just like the last two steps listed above.

    Thank You for reading through hope it has to help You. Please comment below to help us Know how we have helped you.


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