Tips: How To Use p2p Features On Binance Pro


    Binance app is the most popular cryptocurrency app globally at the moment it has over 150+ countries which are using it will over millions of transactions been done in a day.

    Binance app is the most reliable and the only centralised cryptocurrency app globally. It has it’s parent cryptocurrency called Binance popularly known as BNB. The app provides you with features to purchase any cryptocurrency listed on the app, you can purchase the cryptocurrency with your debit card or through peer to peer that is p2p. These processes are fast and very reliable

    So on this tutorial I’m taking you through the process of buying and selling of cryptocurrency on binance via the peer to peer that is p2p method which is for those who do not have debit card or their country has restricted them from using Debit card to purchase cryptocurrency.

    Steps involved in using peer to peer features on Binance app

    1.  Make sure you have your binance app on your phone and its verified with any of your valid id card.
    2. Go to settings, Select payment method then input you Bank account details that tallies with your binance name.
    3. After all has been done, go to  your home page on your binance app, select p2p trading
    4. After which it will take you to a page where you will select the the cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell.
    5. Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy for example the it will ask you to state the amount you want to use to purchase the cryptocurrency.
    6. The it will ask you to choose the person you want to trade with and their bank details will be displayed on ur screen.
    7. You will transfer the amount of money to the person and the person will send the equivalent to you wallet.

    That is it, your p2p trading is done, simple and fast.

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